Prepare Your Company for an Alien Abduction

What would happen to your company if an alien spacecraft landed in your equipment yard and you were abducted? Seriously … stop laughing and think about that for a second. How long could the aliens keep you before your company completely fell apart?

If you’ve done a good job of assembling a great team, and an equally fine job of establishing “standard work procedures”

in your company, you could probably be gone for quite a while. Contractors who’ve been able to achieve this are very few and far between. But you can do it with a strong commitment and the right approach.

Energize Your People

There are certain things that make energy possible among your employees, and there are other things that tend to zap it. When all of your employees are aware of this, a positive culture—rooted in a universal desire to succeed as a company—is possible.

To accurately determine the current culture of your company, you must be willing to invite feedback from everyone else within your company. This diverse array of input will provide you with a solid basis to determine if the culture is the one you want. If it’s not, you should have a pretty good idea of what to work on. As your company grows, you want a culture that fosters growth and development, and one which leaves employees feeling valued and energized.

Here are some things you can do to that end:


  • Create and instill a compelling company vision that keeps everyone focused on achieving results in the present—in order to produce even greater results in the future.
  • Develop leaders in your organization who will enhance the culture and future success of the company.
  • Create multiple opportunities to communicate within the company.
  • Provide consistent and innovative training that builds the technical and interpersonal skills of every individual in the company.
  • Instill a customer-focused sales approach that establishes long-term relationships and provides the experience that every client expects.
  • Offer an opportunity to share in the success of the company, i.e. bonuses and incentives.
  • Encourage employees to live healthier through diet and exercising.
  • Encourage employees to continue learning and growing through state and local association participation, certifications, etc.

Finally, your company must be one that establishes goals and celebrates wins, as opposed to just pointing out the negatives all the time. When celebrating wins is lacking, it’s almost impossible to build the right company culture—you know, the kind that inspires your employees to run your company when you’ve been abducted by aliens.