Inspire Your Team, Succeed as a Business

In every organization, one of the major roles of the owner or leader is to be a passion maker, developing and inspiring enthusiasm within the entire chain of command. Having an inspired staff can help you grow your business.

One of the most powerful ways successful leaders create passion is by setting up an effective system of accountability, measuring performance and taking appropriate action. Understanding the crucial role of accountability in the workplace, and using it to drive a business’ success and impassion its workers, is more than possible and highly effective.

A lack of accountability is one of the biggest reasons why companies struggle and sometimes fail. Oftentimes, it’s not managed consistently and fairly because leaders focus on the negative and punish rather than praise the positive.

In today’s business environment, many owners and managers are feeling the downside to this lack of accountability as poor conduct surfaces. These business leaders need to take immediate corrective action to create strategic alignment to their vital goals and drive performance through a strong accountability system.

The Accountable Workplace

One way to understand accountability is to examine a workplace that doesn’t have any. Top performers get frustrated when good performances aren’t recognized while poor performers aren’t held accountable, and leave the company. The business then struggles to attract top talent because those types of workers want to be in an environment that values accountability.

The company without accountability doesn’t perform to its potential when standards are low. Tasks and goals aren’t accomplished as morale suffers.

As a result, more and more of the responsibilities weigh on the shoulders of the dealership’s owner.

Accountability enables a leader to create ownership for the company on behalf of its workers. That means developing ownership for problems, successes, goals, initiatives, people and results. Accountability sets the controls in place, drives the business and indicates what is and isn’t on track.

Through accountability, leaders always make three important discoveries:

1) If they’re on the right course
2) If they’ve got the right people in the right places
3) If they’re achieving goals

With these findings, leaders gain insight on instituting change and setting new objectives.

How Passion Plays Into the Accountability Picture

Accountability holds leaders to the task of clearly defining goals for the company and its people, as well as establishing measurements to assess those goals and define success. It’s this accountability that provides an opportunity to assign ownership to company and personal performance objectives, measure results, and follow through with objective evaluations.

When people own a piece in the goal-setting puzzle and achieve what they set out to do, it is highly rewarding for everyone involved. Even more rewarding is when the owner/manager follows through with positive recognition, acknowledging the staff achievements. As a result, people become impassioned about their role in the company’s welfare and their own professional development. This newfound passion is the driver for productivity. It incites people to work harder, dream bigger and excel in their role.

While accountability typically is associated with the negative, it can provide opportunities to coach and counsel an employee towards growth. It also provides leaders with the chance to develop their own skills, such as learning how to have difficult conversations about poor performance.

Accountability provides the chance for all to improve upon their weaknesses, and position the business toward a place of prosperity. It’s this uplifting, highly positive experience that creates passion in the workplace.

Lee Froschheiser, president and CEO of Management Actions Programs (MAP), works with many business leaders and companies nationwide. He is a co-author of the best-selling book, “Vital Factors, The Secret to Transforming Your Business – And Your Life”. His consulting firm, MAP, specializes in implementing the MAP Vital Factor System, which creates goal alignment and uses accountability to drive company results. For more information, visit