Trends in Compact Track Loaders

Like most pieces of equipment in today’s contractors’ fleets, compact track loaders focus on doing more with less. Creating products that can complete more projects in more spaces saves users time and money while opening up their portfolios to smaller jobsites.

Compact track loaders feature a small frame but big power. That matched with attachment capabilities means completing many jobs with just one machine. Features that make operation easy means getting the job done can be quick and painless. Comfort features mean staying comfortable for long hours while tackling many jobs with a compact track loader.

Versatility and Performance

Compact track loaders feature a small size for increased maneuverability. This opens up the opportunity to work on jobsites with narrow openings, while the weight distribution over tracks means less damage to already established properties.

The almost 70 inches of track touching the ground on the 277C, 289C and 299C from Caterpillar creates good flotation and traction. The flotation of the rubber tracks on the T110 Compact Track Loader from Bobcat means the machine is still very functional in wet and muddy conditions as well.

There are countless attachments available from several manufacturers for compact track loaders. The Versa-Daptor from Kubota quickly converts their LA243 and LA240 loader to a quick attach system. With no modification required, users can easily switch between a pallet fork and a bucket with simple hand tools and required mounting hardware.

Compact track loaders have varying lifting capabilities, but they all carry a surprisingly large load for their small size. Bobcat’s MT52 Mini Track Loader has a 520-pound rated operating capacity, while the PT-100G from Terex has a 4,000-pound operating capacity at 50% tipping load capacity. With a 26% increase in lift height, a 16% increase in operating capacity and a 45% increase in bucket rollback, the Terex PT-30 offers enhanced production.

Comfort, Visibility and Ease in Operation

When you have a machine in your fleet that can do many things, you will likely end up spending long hours in it. Operator comfort is a focus for manufacturers who realize that the money-making machine is where a contractor can end up spending most of their day.

The New Holland Super Boom compact track loaders feature glass cab doors that open a full 90° for easy entrance and exit from the operator’s platform, and high levels of visibility while at work. A contoured suspension seat with more headroom and elbow support adds to comfort features.

Mustang makes operating their MTL312 easy, with a fingertip-controlled joystick system for less fatigue. An emergency engine shutdown system and electronic engine monitoring add to the ease in operation.

With their small frame and high power output, compact track loaders are able to tackle many tasks. Durable and versatile, they keep the operator comfortable on the jobsite and in the end closer to a more profitable business.

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