Lawn Mowers Giving Consumers a Boost in 2011

Lawn mower manufacturers are focused on providing everyday homeowners with plenty of options in 2011. From zero turn lawn mowers to conventional lawn tractors to a variety of walk-behinds, today’s models offer something for everybody.

Zero Turns. For consumers who want to get it done like the pros, dozens of zero turn lawn mowers designed specifically for everyday homeowners are available from a variety of manufacturers, including Husqvarna, Briggs & Stratton and Ariens Company.

Consumers have choices when it comes to things like deck construction, engines, fuel tanks and price points. For consumers who want a bit more durability, mowers which feature fabricated decks are an option. Otherwise, the more price-conscious consumer may opt for a 12- or 14-gauge stamped-steel deck. Fuel tank capacities can range from 2.5 to 6-plus gallons. Engines could range from 16 hp to over 25 hp. Some mowers can cut at up to 9 mph. It largely depends on what a given consumer is willing to pay, as consumer-targeted zero turn mowers can range in price from $2,000 to more than $7,000.

Tractors. For the traditionalist, lawn tractors and garden tractors continue to be big sellers when it comes to consumer riding lawn mowers. Companies such as Husqvarna, which offers tractors under both the Husqvarna and Dixon brands, have focused on bringing commercial-duty features to consumer models. Fabricated decks and cast iron front axles are available on select units.

Walk Behinds. Today’s walk behind mowers are not just for suburbanites and urbanites with small lawns. Companies like Billy Goat and Ariens Company have introduced walk mowers designed to cut wider—and tougher.

For instance, the Billy Goat Home Pro features a 34” cutting deck, yet has a compact overall design that allows it to take up the same storage space as a traditional 21” walk mower. The Gravely Pro-Walk 24 from Ariens features a 1” spindle shaft, which provides plenty of strength to tackle tall grass. The Pro-Walk 24 is ideal for rural customers who need to cut underbrush, remove heavy overgrowth of tall grasses or weeds, and conduct tight trimming around and under structures such as fences.

Those suburbanites and urbanites with small lawns also have additional options these days in the way of electric and battery-powered walk mowers. For example, the new Worx Intellicut cordless mowers, ideal for 10,000- to 17,500-square-foot lawns, have a special feature that allows the motor to adjust torque to mowing conditions. While these mowers only offer 14” to 19” inch decks, the fact that they do not require gasoline offers certain consumers a level of convenience, especially for those who wish to become greener.

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