Five Proven Social Media Strategies

In a recent Briggs & Stratton dealer meeting, dealers of standby generators were given a presentation on Marketing 101 for your dealership. During the presentation, Social Media Marketing was cited as a successful means of marketing their business.

A marketing representative at Briggs & Stratton shared five methods that will make your social media marketing more powerful, attracting people to your site and business.

Printable coupons - Coupons are a great marketing tool for increasing sales and getting customers to try a new brand or product.

Alerts of sales and specials - Alerting customers of limited-time offers will push them to visit your store and make a purchase sooner than planned.

Sweepstakes - Holding chance-based sweepstakes gets customers excited about the possibility of winning a free piece of equipment or routine service. It also means they have to visit the store to sign up.

Contests - Contests, which are based more on skill than chance, give customers a chance to show their talents. You may want to have photo contest where homeowners or contractors display their maintained properties.

New Product Announcements - Announcing new products and offering equipment demos is a great way to get customers thinking about replacing their equipment. A visit to the store to see the new products may just end in a sale.

These five techniques give customers new content on a regular basis while the contests and coupons create a call to action. The key to social media marketing is not just to have visitors find your sites and dealership, but that they return and return often.