Selling on Service to Get Ahead

Many dealers make the unfortunate decision to sell their products based on their low pricing. This way of selling is not only damaging to the dealer, but also to other dealers in his area who are forced to compete by cutting their prices as well. Selling near product cost is damaging to margins and can reduce a dealership's chance at being in business for an extended amount of time.


If you think that a low price is the only way to get a sale, you are wrong. You as dealers have much more to give than just a low price. Offering customers services that provide convenience and support are successful selling points. Customers want to know what you can offer them that others can't. You need to recognize your business' strongest selling point, its service, and start marketing that aggressively.


After realizing the value of service as a selling point, a plan for marketing these services should be developed. You can start by simply showing and telling the customers what kind of support they are going to get with the purchase of your product.

This time of year, during the winter months filled with downtime, is when you should enlist the help of your manufacturers and distributors to develop a plan for marketing. Take advantage not only of the signs and banners available, but their willingness to assist your dealership in developing your marketing plan even further.

Now is also the ideal time to get the distributor salesman to commit to a visit focused on training your salespeople to sell services to the customer. Once you are confident selling your services, the price won't bear as much influence.


Selling your equipment on price may seem like a great way to get a sale, but it will stop there. An individual who purchases from you based solely on the low price will not become a loyal customer. When it comes time to replace their piece of equipment, they will choose whoever has the best price.

Customers should leave your dealership knowing the equipment they bought will last years thanks to the service you are providing to back it up. With continued visits for seasonal and repair maintenance, the quality of service is reiterated as the relationship with each customer grows.