500-Hour Maintenance Checklist for Lawn Mowers

Southland Engine in Lafayette, LA, has put together a checklist that generalizes manufacturer requirements in regard to basic equipment maintenance.


Clean grass from belt area

Check air filter for cleaning

Check engine and transmission oil levels

Check belt adjustments (if not self-adjusting)

Grease spindle assembly (if not maintenance-free)

Clean transmission and engine coolers

Clean radiator

25 hours

Check working order of safety switches and chute

Check loose nuts and bolts on deck

Check battery connection and fluid levels

Grease all zerks (check owner’s manual for locations)

Check air in all tires

Sharpen and balance blades

Replace OEM filter (paper only)

Lubricate cables (throttle, choke)

50 hours

Change engine oil and filter (air-cooled models)

100 hours

Replace air filter

Replace fuel filters

Change engine oil and filter (water-cooled models)

Clean under deck

Check or adjust tracking

Level deck

250 hours

Change transmission oil and filter

Change spark plugs

500 hours or once a year

Remove front yoke, clean old grease and repack bearings

Flush radiator

Clean carbon out of heads (L-head engines)

Remove engine blower housing, clean grass and dirt

Remove cover to transmission and replace grease (gear-drive walk mowers)

Remove steering tires, and clean and pack bearings (certain models only)