FEATURED PROJECT: 11 Water Features and 500 Tons of Boulders

The complete renovation of this 17-acre arboretum required 70,000 man-hours which were expended in just six months’ time. During that tremendously accelerated schedule, over 125 different species of plant material were installed.

Additionally, 11 water features were created, which ranged from an interactive, computer-programmable children’s fountain with sound effects, fog and simulated rain, to a 50-foot cascading waterfall that contained over 500 tons of boulders.

Site personnel installed over one million dollars’ worth of pumping equipment and controls, along with a 30-inch-diameter water intake line that feeds the water features.

Crews used cranes ranging in size from 285 to 500 tons, managed $6 million worth of subcontracting work, and worked with four general contractors—all of whom were working simultaneously on this site.

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