How To Create Goals Your Employees Will Buy Into

Partners Bill Chevalier and Michael Sittaro of Environmental Landworks in Wheat Ridge, CO, sit down with each employee twice a year to discuss his or her personal goals.

Some employees might want to advance up the company ladder, perhaps becoming a crew leader or supervisor, for example. For others, the goals are quite different.

“Some guys simply want to learn how to mountain bike,” Chevalier shares. “Others might want to make enough money that they can take two weeks off around Christmas to visit their mother. The point is that everyone has different goals, and you have to find out what they are.”

At Environmental Landworks, many Spanish-speaking employees identify a goal of improving their English skills. Likewise, many English-speaking employees want to get better at Spanish. “So we like to assist our employees with language courses,” Chevalier points out.

Regardless of what your employees aspire to achieve, the best employers take an interest, offer encouragement, and often play a role. “We don’t want to set the bar for them, we want to help them discover where that bar is,” Chevalier says.