How To Choose the Right Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

There are many benefits to operating battery-powered lawn equipment:

  • Less noise
  • Lighter weight
  • No emissions
  • No mixing of gas and oil
  • No cords
  • Instant starting
  • Lower operating costs
  • Appeal to enviro-savvy clients, LEED-certified buildings, etc.

When considering the purchase of a battery-powered piece of lawn equipment, professionals should take note of the following:

  • Power – But keep in mind that voltage is only one part of the equation when evaluating battery performance. The amount of “Watt Hours” determines power output over a given amount of time, and that is determined by taking the number of volts and multiplying it by the number of amp hours. For example, the Oregon PowerNow B400 E: 40x2.4 = 96 Watt Hours. The Stihl AP 160: 36x4.5 = 162 Watt Hours.
  • Typical run time
  • Typical charge time
  • Typical lifespan, number of charges battery can withstand
  • Power drop-off (at what point during operation will you start to experience a loss of power and performance?)
  • Performance characteristics of the tool itself (i.e. cut swath on string trimmers, blade length and strokes-per-minute on hedgetrimmers, mph and cfm on blowers)