Servantage Dixie Sales Grows Through Acquisition and Customer Service

Servantage Dixie Sales, a distributor of outdoor power equipment and sporting goods products, parts and accessories, recently acquired the Outdoor Division of Henry W. O’Neill & Associates. O’Neill Associates distributes lawn and garden equipment, parts and accessories as well as industrial and commercial products to 14 northeastern states. The O’Neill facility in Victor, NY, now operates as Servantage O’Neill Outdoor.

A history built on success and values

The location of O’Neill Associates, as well as their strong ties and brand offering, are what attracted Servantage Dixie Sales to the company. The acquisition well help them better service their existing customers as well as grow their company.

“The genesis of this dates back to last year when we were awarded a significant increase in our territory of support for Husqvarna which included the northeastern region,” explains Harold Reiter, CEO of Servantage Dixie Sales. “This really broadens our platform to better serve our customers and our existing dealers, as well as new dealers in the northeast region.”

Dixie Sales is celebrating nearly 100 years in business and O’Neill 61. Reiter believes the two companies share the same customer-focused culture and that the combination of their strengths will take them to the next level of service.

Dealers benefit from product offering

O’Neill Associates carries a wide range of products lines, two of which caught the eye of Servantage. Their product offering and supplier relationships have helped them to provide for their dealers through the years.

“O’Neill has some world class relationships,” says Reiter. “One of them being Subaru Industrial Power products as well as BCS, a line of outdoor power equipment products manufactured Italy.”

The location and geographic reach of O’Neill was also very attractive to Servantage. They hope to open up more opportunities for themselves as a supplier and also Servantage O’Neill Outdoor dealers.

“It really allows us to better serve our customers in that region,” says Reiter. “It also gives O’Neill’s dealers, who may not have had a relationship with us through Servantage Dixie sales, access to a broader range of products.”

The O’Neill Associates offering combined with that of Servantage presents dealers with the opportunity to explore new brands, and receive better purchasing prices and freight programs on those they already carry.

“We have the ability to bring a wide range of products to the table. It makes it a little easier for the O’Neill dealers,” explains Reiter. “We essentially become a one-stop shop. It makes it a little easier for dealers to have access to a lot of products they would have to otherwise go elsewhere for.”

Transition under way

With the acquisition completed, plans for a smooth transition are under way. A welcome package has been sent to dealers, and Servantage O’Neill Associates expects a positive response from dealers.

“This is going to be a journey as we continue to build the business,” says Reiter. “Our plan is to grow the business and work off the strong platform that O’Neill brings to us and further develop that territory.”

They are in the process of pulling their sales strategy together as they augment the O’Neill Associates sales staff with individuals from Servantage. A sales meeting is scheduled for all staff in the Victor, NY, facility to better develop their strategy. From there, sales reps will hit the road to meet with dealers and inquire about how they can better meet their needs.

“We think we can bring some real value to the dealers,” says Reiter. “Hopefully this is a situation where one plus one equals three.”

The company is working to grow their business both organically and through acquisitions. When asked about future acquisitions, Reiter says there are no plans for one at the moment but the possibility is not out of the question.

“We are interested in growing our business and our relationships with key customers so that we can better serve them,” says Reiter. “If that’s what it takes to do that, then we are interested in it.”