Change for the Better Is a Good Thing

"Change is good." I've heard that saying a million times. It's not necessarily true. Sometimes change is really bad. Example: Miley Cyrus' hair. Another example: J.C. Penney’s decision to do away with sales promotions. That change was so bad that the CEO who made it has now been replaced by his predecessor.

We've been making some big changes here at Green Industry Pros. We've always strived to balance the needs of our readers and advertisers. Here's how we're going to continue doing it.

New magazine. There are some subtle changes to this magazine. For one, we're now calling it Green Industry Pros to maintain brand continuity with our rapidly growing online presence, With that comes a new logo. A much bigger change is our editorial approach. We've identified that product-related content is something you really enjoy. So we're placing a lot more emphasis there—which now includes product reviews. Business best practices are still popular, so we'll continue featuring those as well.

The biggest change is something you won't even see. Both landscape contractors and equipment dealers are now receiving this magazine. Both have similar interests and needs, and many of our advertisers want to talk to both of you. So it makes sense to have a magazine for both of you. We'll then continue to have a separate contractor eNewsletter (The Pro Report) and dealer eNewsletter (Equipment Dealer Digest) where we'll dig into the finer points of managing each of these types of businesses.

There is a ton of free content online! The magic in today's world of publishing is in how well your website can support your magazine content. We are totally stoked about the progress we have made here.

For example, did you know that we have over 100 articles on "marketing strategies" at We have 82 on "financial planning" and 11 specifically on "budgeting". We have 59 personnel-related articles. We have 125 commercial riding mower product profiles in our new, interactive Product Guide. Then there are videos, podcasts, forums, our new Dealer Locator … I could go on and on.

The good news is that, online, we can go on and on. Here on the pages of Green Industry Pros magazine, on the other hand, we're going to hit you with the most important items because space—and your time—is limited. It's then up to you to go to our website and see what's available based on your interest and needs.

I encourage you to email or call me and let me know what you think. Would you like to get involved by reviewing a product or having your company featured? We're making some big changes here. But one thing that will never change is that we build our magazine and website for you. We want you to help us build them.