Five Reasons Contractors Should Quit Price Shopping

When contractors shop based on price, they often choose to support an equipment dealer who has products and services priced so low that the dealer doesn't generate enough profit to allow him to invest back into his business. But dealers who invest in their facilities and people are poised to offer contractors the best that money can buy. Here are five ways a dealer investing in his business benefits the contractor:

  1. Investing in shop tools helps speed up service turnaround time in the shop and decrease contractor downtime.
  2. Adding new services for the contractor like mobile parts delivery, repair pickup and loaner equipment keeps contractors in the field and on the job.
  3. Upgraded software systems and additional workstations allow dealership staff to better track, manage and support customers in a timely manner.
  4. Investing in technician education and incentives means quick and thorough repairs from technicians who feel valued and empowered. 
  5. Expanding to multiple locations means affording contractors easier access to quality service.