Post to Social Media to See Profit

From the very beginning of his career as a lawn maintenance contractor, David Ovando of Mower Man Lawn Service in Bentonville, AR, saw the power in social media. He has worked to grow his new business from the start with Craigslist and has since moved on to other social media outlets.

“I was going to school to become a computer programmer when a woman from church asked me to mow for her,” says Ovando. “I fell in love with the job and put a listing on Craigslist to see what would happen. It took off from there.”

Sales from social media

Ovando started with a few lawns as a side job and it soon turned into a full-time endeavor. As his customers referred to him as their “Mower Man” he committed to the business and the name. He continues to grow his customer base with the help of social media.

“I knew that (facebook) would allow me to not only market the business itself, but also be able to showcase pictures of my work as well,” explains Ovando.

With every new “like” on facebook, he grew his network of friends and experienced the domino effect. He has also attracted fans to his facebook page through simple Google searches.

“It's all about getting your name out there,” says Ovando. “Even if people don't need the work right now, maybe they will remember you in the future when they do.”

A posting plan

Through his facebook posts, Ovando shares information about his company, details on specific properties and projects, and leaves room for a little fun along the way. His favorite posts are the humorous ones. They lighten the mood and get the most shares and reach thanks to fans.

“I knew that I wanted to get as much publicity as possible, and knew the only way to do this was to be active,” says Ovando. “I've just tried to keep that going and it's worked out pretty well so far. My formal plan of action consists of a daily morning posts about the jobs I will be doing or something funny that people will remember, and posting pictures throughout the day of jobs I have just completed.”

Ovando pays close attention to the analytics tracked by facebook. He enjoys seeing the span of his reach and also inquires with customers about if they discovered his business through his social media efforts.

“If you post a picture, it can tell you how many people saw it and how far across the world you reached people. It's pretty neat to see how many people in different countries look at my work,” shares Ovando. “It makes me proud to know that other people believe in me as well, and take pride in my work just as much as I do. When a new client calls me, I always make sure to ask where they saw me and they usually say craigslist or facebook.”

As of right now, Mower Man is on facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ovando says the photos of manicured lawns helps him to attract a lot of customers with twitter and instagram. He will consider other social media outlets in the future as well. Whatever social media outlet you are currently using, Ovando stresses the importance of posting consistently.

“Post! Post! Post! I can't stress it enough,” urges Ovando. “You need people to interact with your page and the only way you can do that is to post and engage your followers and friends. It's crucial to your business.”