Energy-Saving Tips for Equipment Dealerships, an online retailer for replacement parts for home appliances, outdoor power equipment and heating and cooling equipment, offers these simple adjustments that can be made to your business to reduce energy usage during the warm weather season and beyond.

Make sure your central air conditioner’s condenser coils (located on the condenser unit outside) and evaporator coils (located on the furnace or air handler) are clean and free of debris. 

In areas that receive a lot of sunlight, keep the window coverings closed or partially drawn in order to reduce the temperature.

Fix broken equipment like central air and heating rather than use portable heaters and window units that waste energy and are a fire hazard.

Remind staff to turn off lights in closets and infrequently used rooms and to turn off lights in their workspace at the close of each business day.

Consider unplugging what isn’t being used. Appliances and electronics are still consuming energy, even if they’re not powered on.

Plug in an energy usage meter to discover the energy hogs.

Clean off the condenser coils on the break room/kitchen refrigerator.