4 Reasons To Follow Us On Twitter

You read our magazine, visit our website and subscribe to our eNewsletters, but you should also follow us on Twitter for four main reasons.

1.  We're constantly putting new feature articles, news stories, videos, product guide listings, etc. on our website. There's a lot for you, our reader, to keep track of. We use our Twitter page to highlight the two or three "most important" every day. So you can quickly see what we deem as the most urgent, important and/or trendy topics—helping to ensure that you don't miss anything on greenindustrypros.com.

2.  We also use Twitter to resurrect popular archived material, which often is useful business management tips or product application advice. We time these tweets with the seasonality of the Green Industry. For instance, we might tweet more snow removal content now as opposed to lawn care. Again, Twitter gives you/us a tool to bring specific archived pieces of content to the forefront, without requiring you to dig through our website to find it.

3.  We'll follow you back. The best thing about Twitter, from our perspective, is the ability to connect with our readers. We've connected with several awesome dealers and contractors on Twitter that we have ended up featuring in some of our stories. We want to do that more and more going forward.

4.  We will not hammer you with pointless tweet after tweet after pointless tweet. We do not engage in one-on-one conversations with the typical "hey how's it going" type of banter. We tweet what we feel will be useful content, which sometimes includes retweeting other material we've found. The point is that we want to remain a useful, efficient source of information for you busy Green Industry Pros.

So, if you don't already, start following us, YG_PRO, on Twitter today!