3 Quick Mid-Season Direct Marketing Tips

Three things determine the success of a postcard marketing campaign. Each one is an opportunity for you to adjust your direct mail marketing to maximize your results for the second half of the busy season.

1. Postcard Size

In order for your postcards to persuade prospective clients to call you, they have to see them. If you don’t choose the right size postcard, they won’t. In competitive markets you’ll need a BIG postcard to get noticed. A good direct mail provider offers clients a variety of sizes to choose from to fit their market.

2. Postcard Design

In my experience, an effective postcard (one that brings in consistent revenue) has these elements in its design:

  • Clear headline
  • Supporting graphic
  • Color that pops
  • Intriguing sub-headings that lead into benefits
  • Benefits
  • Enticing offer
  • Business name and logo
  • Call to action and/or expiration date for the offer
  • Contact information
  • Return address

Your visual design choices get the prospects’ attention. Your marketing copy clearly explains the benefits of your services, not just the features. Finally, you give your postcard recipients every opportunity to connect with you once they’re convinced.

3. Direct Mail Mailing List

You need to send your postcards to quality prospects or even the most perfectly designed postcard ever couldn’t convince them. Look at your current clientele. What do they have in common? That’s your ideal customer. Once you have an idea of what describes your ideal customer, your direct mail provider can find a targeted mailing list to fit those criteria.