New year. New you. Yeah right.

Every year people vow to make changes in their lifestyle to become a better version of themselves. Whether it is to pay down debt, or lose a little holiday (more like everyday) weight, the new year brings on all kinds of goals for all kinds of people. One think we most all find out though, is nine days after the first of the year most resolutions are already cast aside.

Well, I’m just like everyone else. I decided to get into better shape. I want to eater healthier meals and have a more regimented fitness plan. It was going great for about two weeks. The I decided to reward myself. I went a little overboard. Allowing pastry for breakfast turned into a pastry with a super-sized side of bacon. Skipping the gym on Friday turned into avoiding it the entire weekend.

What changes are you making to your business and in your personal lives? How are you ensuring you stick to them? How will you hold yourself and your staff accountable for seeing to it that the changes stick?

Here is an article that may be able to help you.

I’m still working on it, and I did have an egg white omelet for breakfast today (cue pat on the back). Let’s see if I can make it to lunch without chewing my arm off.