Three Ways I've Become More Efficient in My Company

One thing that stands out in our industry is the pace that profits can be lost if systems for efficiency aren't in place. There were three areas I learned to improve fairly quickly after starting my business back in 2002.

1 = Route Density

For every company that performs routine grounds maintenance, a well-thought-out and tightly packed service route will work wonders for you.

2 = High-Margin Accounts

I concentrate on winning accounts that offer higher profit margins as opposed to profit volumes. Case in point: Company A grosses $300,000 in annual revenue with a net profit margin of 10%. Company B grosses $100,000 with a net profit margin of 30%. Guess what? Both companies end their year with $30,000 in profit, but who worked smarter for it?

3 = Get on the Ball with Invoicing

I make sure that invoices are sent out on the same day every month. This has given my clients a means to pay me easier (because they know when to expect the bill), and has eased cash flow management for myself.