The Short Block Option

Beginning in December 2013, Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A. made short block engine assemblies available for its FS and FX engine series units. For contractors who are looking to extend the life of their equipment, the availability of these new short block assemblies could help them to do just that. Short blocks offer landscape contractors an easier—and often more cost-effective—means for rebuilding an engine.

“Pros count on their mowers for continued in-field performance, and we’re providing genuine Kawasaki quality and reliability while reducing the time required for an engine rebuild,” says Rodger Howe, Kawasaki executive director.

The MSRP on the new short block engine assemblies ranges from $930 to $1,342. That is a considerable savings when compared to the price tag on a new mower. The FS and FX series engines can be found on a variety of Scag, Toro, Hustler, Wright, Snapper Pro, Ferris, and BOB-CAT mower models.  

According to Kawasaki, gasket kits are included with the sale of every short block assembly, and assemblies are shipped with an attached oil filter. The short blocks will be available at authorized Kawasaki Engine dealers throughout the country. Contractors should work with their local dealer’s service department to discuss all options for equipment service using the short blocks.