EarthWay Offers Sneak Peek at All-Seasons Spreader Concept

At GIE+EXPO 2012, Earthway Products displayed the prototype for a new 3-in-1 spreader which allows contractors to quickly and cost-effectively transition from summertime spreading to wintertime.

The EV-N-Spred Flex-Select 3-in-1 spreader is still a work in progress, right down to the product name. But Jeff Kendall, vice president of sales and marketing at Earthway Products, says the new product will be available for the 2013-14 season.

“We’re targeting April (2013) for a pre-launch prior to a full launch in July,” Kendall told at GIE+EXPO in Louisville. “We’ll have landscape contractors and snow/ice professionals testing it this coming spring.”

Removable trays. The Flex-Select system features a series of removable trays that allow professional users to switch from regular output to low output or high output. This gives contractors the ability to accurately spread fertilizer (regular output) and rock salt (high output) with the same spreader. Users can also spread products such as herbicides (low output) where more targeted application is desired.

“Contractors have been asking us for a higher-capacity spreader with two hoppers (80 and 130 pound),” Kendall relates. “Also, dealers are always wanting to have a lot of products to sell but only a few to stock. This new Flex-Select product will give them that.”

Convert to tow. The EV-N-Spred Flex-Select 3-in-1 spreader can also be easily converted to a tow-behind unit, offering additional flexibility and versatility for the professional user. Other EarthWay push models can also be converted to tow, but often take upwards of an hour to convert. Kendall says the Flex-Select can be converted in as little as 10 minutes.

Watch for updates on this product as we draw closer to the spring 2013 pre-launch date.