PERC Announces Propane Mower Dealer Demo Incentive

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) recently announced the launch of its Dealer Demonstration program, an initiative that offers commercial mower dealers a $2,000 discount on a propane-fueled mower, while bringing landscape contractors into their showroom.

Under the Dealer Demo, PERC is partnering with up to 300 commercial mower dealers across the nation, offering them a propane-fueled mower that their lawn and landscape contractor customers can test in the field. After a 90-day demo period, participating dealers will submit usage data and PERC will give the dealer a check for $2,000 that can be applied to their OEM floor plan purchase price for the mower. (The Perks of Dealing in Propane)

Landscape contractors that try out a propane-fueled mower will learn that it costs less to run than a comparable gasoline- or diesel-fueled mower. And they’ll notice the lower emissions that propane fuel (Propane Fueling Demonstration Video) means for commercial mowers. The landscape contractor is under no commitment to purchase the mower, however he may want to take advantage of PERC’s Mower Incentive Program that offers landscape firms up to $1,000 for purchasing a new propane-fueled mower.