LandOpt Network Expands to Dallas, New Hampshire Markets

Arlington, TX-based Baldi Gardens Inc. has joined the LandOpt Contractor Network, expanding the Network’s footprint to include the Dallas-Ft. Worth region of the Lone Star state.

Also, the Network has expanded to New Hampshire, granting Gilford-based Belknap Landscape Company exclusive license rights within that territory.

Background on Baldi Gardens. A full-service landscape company founded in 1993 by Ricardo and Lillina (Lilly) Baldi, Baldi Gardens is a family-owned business that also includes sons Giuseppe (GM/Maintenance Services) and Carlo (Project Services/design) as integral management team members. The business has earned a reputation over the past 20 years as one of the premiere residential and commercial landscape service providers in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Kennedale, Cedar Hill and Mansfield, providing everything from gardening and lawn care and lawn maintenance services to project work such as construction, water features, drainage design, low-voltage lighting, stone layout and commercial development. 

According to Giuseppe Baldi, LandOpt provided an answer to a long-standing growth question. “As a company, we’ve done well but have seen our revenue remain at roughly the same level year over year,” he noted. “We knew we were lacking in systems and processes, but we weren’t sure exactly what we were missing. When we discovered LandOpt, it seemed to be answer that we had been looking for.” 

From Baldi’s perspective, the benefits of becoming a LandOpt Contractor are many, especially as it relates to his current team. “LandOpt will bring internal structure that will benefit everyone. Having assigned roles will make it clear to everyone what his/her job is. The systems will allow us to track progress and review how each person is performing against plan,” he explained. 

Of equal importance to this owner is the training that will be provided. “Ongoing, role-specific training will be a huge benefit to our team. This is all a very positive change in culture for our company and everyone is excited to be part of the company’s growth.” 

As for future expectations? Simply put, “Locally, we want to become the name in our industry—the company that is the best of the best, and known for professionalism, quality, and exceptional service,” Baldi concluded. 

Baldi becomes LandOpt’s first Texas-based contractor and, according to LandOpt president and CEO Tim Smith, is the first of what he hopes will be many in the state. “As the old saying goes, ‘Everything is bigger in Texas,’ and the concentration of LandOpt Contractors in the state should be no exception. The size of the state and, particularly, of the major metropolitan markets within has the potential to support multiple licensed LandOpt Contractor locations. We hope to make Texas a stronghold in the Network’s Southwest region.”

Background on Belknap Landscape Company. It is a family-owned business located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Established in 1988 by Hayden McLaughlin, the company is a full-service design, construction and grounds management company of land care professionals specializing in residential waterfront properties and commercial accounts. The company has earned a reputation in the Lakes Region for its commitment to quality, horticultural expertise and a concern for maintaining the beauty and environmental integrity of the area.

According to McLaughlin, despite the significant size of his company, “refined business practices,” were still absent. He saw LandOpt as a means to that end. From his standpoint, “Within the LandOpt Network there are 20-plus other companies who are successful using this system. I wanted to be part of that.” The owner noted that the implementation of LandOpt systems and processes will create a “better organized company,” which will ultimately contribute to increased profitability through “non-chaotic growth.”

McLaughlin acknowledged that the current size of his company and reputation in his local market have been achieved largely because of the “dedication and loyalty of both our employees and customers,” and he believes that the benefits of being a Powered by LandOpt Contractor will extend to both audiences. 

“We see this as an opportunity to make something ‘good,’ even better,” he noted. “We expect that our customers will enjoy an elevated level of customer service and improved communication. And for our team, ultimately, the enhanced structure internally will clearly define roles and responsibilities, eliminate guesswork and eliminate frustration.”

Representing a first in this untapped New England state, Belknap will serve to strengthen LandOpt’s presence in the Northeast corridor. The continuing growth of the LandOpt Network supports Tim Smith’s long-held belief that there is an ever-growing need for professionalism and sound business practice within the maturing landscape industry. “This is not just about the smaller guys trying to find success in the business,” he noted. “Belknap is a perfect example of a large, well-established company that is looking to further refine its operations and raise the level of customer service to remain among the premiere landscape service providers in their market. LandOpt Contractors are helping to establish a new benchmark for professionalism.”