WeatherTrak Smart-Irrigation Controllers Earn EPA WaterSense Label

HydroPoint Data Systems has announced that its WeatherTrak Smart Water Manager Solution, including all models of WeatherTrak ET Pro2 and WeatherTrak LC weather-based irrigation controllers, have earned the EPA’s WaterSense label.

“The EPA’s WaterSense label elevates the standard of excellence and reliability for water-efficient products, and we are pleased the smart-irrigation category is a part of the WaterSense program,” said Christopher Spain, HydroPoint CEO and president. “Over the past 10 years, WeatherTrak solutions have delivered measurable savings with immediate ROI for our customers across the country. We are excited to add the EPA WaterSense label to WeatherTrak Smart Water Management Solutions to accelerate adoption of smart irrigation and maximize water savings. Current WeatherTrak customers will save more than 20 billion gallons of water in 2012 alone, creating a significant and sustainable impact on future water supply.”

How it works. Proven in 25 independent agency studies, the WeatherTrak ET Pro2 and WeatherTrak LC smart-irrigation controllers dynamically adjust irrigation as landscape water requirements or local weather conditions change. They use a proprietary scheduling engine that scientifically calculates irrigation schedules using site-specific parameters such as plant, soil and sprinkler type, and daily ET Everywhere wireless weather data, with validated accuracy down to one square kilometer.