Three Reasons People Love Their Yards

According to an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive in December 2012, those with a yard/landscape will be looking forward to three yard and landscape activities most of all: relaxing, planting, and spending time with family.

The study, conducted among more than 2,800 U.S. adults (ages 18+) on behalf of PLANET, finds that yard/landscape ownership is highly prevalent (88%) among Americans. In fact, 81% of those with a yard/landscape say the upkeep of their yard/landscape is important to the look of their home.

Why Take Care of That Yard/Landscape?

When asked about the chief reason for maintaining or improving their yard/landscape, consumers are most likely to cite showing pride in their home (42%) as the primary motivator, although creating an outdoor relaxing space (16%) and raising or protecting their property value (15%) also win double-digit support.

But, when it comes to what the yard or landscape is commonly used for, relaxing rises to the top (26%), followed by planting flowers/vegetables (17%) and spending time with family (14%).

Not surprisingly, those with children under 18 in the household are more likely to view the yard as a place where the whole family can interact and where kids can play.

Hiring Professional Help

Since taking care of a landscape often requires help, if yard/landscape owners were to look to landscape professionals for help, the most important factors they would look for would be price (69%) and quality of work (68%). Interestingly, men place more value on quality of work, whereas women cite price as particularly important.