Bob Clements International Hosts Annual Sales Boot Camps

Bob Clements International is set to host another Sales Boot Camp March 6-8 in Baltimore, MD. The Sales Boot Camp focuses on three sections (details below). In addition to those three segments, there will be networking sessions and a question and answer period for dealers to discuss their individual challenges with Bob Clements. Registration is limited.              

The Sales Boot Camp session includes: 

Instant Rapport

Trust is a critical element in the selling process. This session addresses the process of building rapport with individuals at the subconscious level. The participants are introduced to two specific skills that allow trust to be created quickly with even the most reluctant individuals.

Handling Objections

This session focuses specifically with the processes involved in dealing with objections.  The participants are introduced to three specific techniques for working through objections and are required to build a response to five of their most common objections.  Through practice and role-play they will develop the ability to handle their most difficult objection and turn them into closing opportunities.

Negotiation and Closing

One of the biggest mistakes sales people make is that they negotiate before the customer is committed to buying and then fail to ask for the business.  In this session the participants will discover simple ways to negotiate better margins and three closing techniques that are simple and effective.

The investment is $695/person. You can register through the Boot Camp website. Please contact with any questions or for more information. Diamond Club Members, should contact for special member pricing. Boot Camp will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Lunch and refreshments will be included in the registration cost.

A Dealer Boot Camp was held January 9-11, and the first Sales Boot Camp was January 23-25. Both events were successful events held in Atlanta, GA.