John Deere Recalls Compact Tractors

The spring locking pins in the rollover protective system (ROPS) on several models of John Deere Compact Utility Tractors can break and cause the ROPS to fail in the event of a rollover.

Models affected

This recall involves 19 models of John Deere 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 series compact utility tractors manufactured between February 2013 and July 2013. The tractors are green and yellow with a foldable black, metal rollover protection bar that extends above the operator’s head. The model number is on the hood. The serial number is located on the right hand side of the frame above the front axle.

Compact utility tractors with serial numbers in the following ranges are included in this recall:

1023E ... 1LV1023EXXX310006 to 1LV1023EXXX310083

1025R ... 1LV1025RXXX111788 to 1LV1025RXXX116214

2025R ... 1LV2025RXXX110121 to 1LV2025RXXX110202

2032R ... 1LV2032RXXX110008 to 1LV2032RXXX110283

2320H ... 1LV2320HXXX712151 to 1LV2320HXXX712593

2520H ... 1LV2520HXXX811702 to 1LV2520HXXX811703

2720H ... 1LV2720HLCH511543 (Only)

3320H ... 1LV3320HXXX910198 to 1LV3320HXXX910700

3320P ... 1LV3320PXXX910129 to 1LV3320PXXX910299

3520H ... 1LV3520HXXX910239 to 1LV3520HXXX910579

3520P ... 1LV3520PXXX910098 to 1LV3520PXXX910188

3720H ... 1LV3720HXXX910181 to 1LV3720HXXX910429

4120H ... 1LV4120HXXX916152 to 1LV4120HXXX916350

4120P ... 1LV4120PXXX916013 to 1LV4120PXXX916014

4320H ... 1LV4320HXXX916166 to 1LV4320HXXX916420

4320P ... 1LV4320PXXX916036 to 1LV4320PXXX916112

4520H ... 1LV4520HXXX916127 to 1LV4520HXXX916276

4520P ... 1LV4520PXXX916034 to 1LV4520PXXX916135

4720H … 1LV4720HXXX916129 to 1LV4720HXXX916919

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