FMC Announces Details of Early Order Program

Beginning October 1, FMC Professional Solutions is offering its largest Early Order Program ever. The program runs through December 20, 2013, allowing participants to purchase products at current pricing prior to 2014 price increases, receive a base rebate incentive and benefit from extended payment terms. To top it off, an October Incentive and a “2 for 2” Portfolio Bonus spell significant additional savings for turf and ornamental professionals participating in the 2013 Early Order Program.

Popular FMC products included in the program are Blindside, Dismiss, Dismiss South, Dismiss CA, Echelon, Solitare, QuickSilver and SquareOne herbicides, as well as Segway fungicide, and select Talstar brands, Onyx and Aria insecticides.

To qualify, a rebate form must be submitted with copies of invoices online at or via mail, fax, or email by January 15, 2014.

For more information on this promotion, visit FMC Promotions.