Ideal Computers Unveiled Mobile Inventory App for Dealers at GIE+EXPO 2013

Ideal Computer Systems unveiled its new mobile inventory app for equipment dealers at GIE+EXPO 2013. The app, which runs on most Apple mobile devices, enables dealers to take accurate counts of inventory and upload the data directly into their Ideal for Windows system.

“We are thrilled to launch a first-of-its-kind app to help outdoor power equipment dealers with one of their biggest pain points: inventory,” said Mario Britz, Ideal’s director of product management. “This convergence of mobile and business simplifies the grueling process of counting inventory by using a device they are more familiar and comfortable with. This app is a first in a growing set of mobile capabilities Ideal is developing to help its dealers reduce errors and improve efficiency.”

Once downloaded onto an Apple device, the user can capture any UPC or Ideal-compatible bar code and update the quantities and bin locations. After the counts are completed, dealers can easily upload the new data into the Ideal system. This allows the dealer to conduct quick cycle counts and boost cash flow that’s normally tied up in overstocked inventory.

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