Verizon Networkfleet Providing More Frequent GPS Tracking Updates

Verizon Networkfleet is now offering Configurable Update Rates (CUR) in its GPS devices to provide more frequent location information on fleet vehicles and assets.

The new update rates, which can be set in 15-second increments up to two minutes for the Networkfleet 5000 series devices, give fleet managers the flexibility to receive near real-time location data. The CURs can be set by the user and are fully integrated into Networkfleet’s online GPS fleet tracking and engine diagnostic monitoring system.

How it works. The new update rates give fleet managers the ability to view vehicle routes with more specific detail based on their particular needs and respond to customer service questions. For example, lawn maintenance crews and snowplows have defined routes that have to be completed within a specific time frame. Now these organizations can respond to customers with even more accuracy as to specific times/dates and route locations for these vehicles.

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