Real Green Systems

Service Assistant

Real Green says its Service Assistant concentrates on providing service industry professionals with the most comprehensive list of tools and features, providing them with all the automated power they need to run a successful business and stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Business Management. Helps you manage your marketing efforts and organize your incoming calls, eliminating the need for sticky notes. Update and file invoices and receivables. All customer records, schedules, dispatch needs, as well as personnel information, including a complete history of events, are managed within Service Assistant.

Easy to Use and Customizable. Designed for small to enterprise service businesses that need to get up and running fast. Service Assistant is an affordable solution that is easy to configure to the way you run your business. The administration tools give you the options to change the way features operate so you'll get a customizable solution without the cost of custom software. The result: a complete management solution that works the way you do.

Secure and Scalable. Designed to manage an unlimited number of employees, Service Assistant runs with the same simplicity as managing a single location as it does managing multiple branches.

Highly Rated Training and Support. Implementing a new software system can fail without the proper setup, training and support. Onsite training and installation proves invaluable to a successful and easy migration from your existing software. Real Green says Service Assistant is so easy to use and provides such identifiable benefits that they have a 99% implementation success rate. Service Assistant is backed by a responsive and dedicated support team.

Quick Customer Access

  • Multiple customer screens can be opened with an easy-to-use search feature that includes company name, customer name, phone number, email and customer number.

Customer History

  • Each customer's history is stored and conveniently displayed on their main screen for ease of use. This historical recount is complete and permanently stored with each customer for quick reference.

Call Log

  • The Call Log offers as much detail as possible, keeping you up to speed on prior contacts with any customer. Each contact is time-stamped with the date, time and person who spoke with the customer.


  • Large variety of business forms and marketing pieces in stock. Invoice options include: bar code reader for speedy and accurate scanning, service history, scheduled services, user-defined call aheads and notes to the technician, up to three services on one invoice, customized with your logo and your service up-sell message.

Forms: Marketing to Invoicing

  • Through integrated use of Mapping Assistant and Mobile Assistant, you can significantly reduce fuel costs, increase productivity, and reduce both field and office labor costs.


  • Scheduling tools allow you to set appointment times and dates and allow you to manage your appointments. You can use the scheduler to find the best fit by viewing dates, times and distance of other scheduled services to set an appointment for a customer.


  • Many proven, easy-to-use, fully integrated marketing campaigns to help you achieve your marketing goals. These include but are not limited to: marketing list creation, email marketing capability, multiple invoice up-sells, sales inserts with pricing, statement up-sells, cancel and reject campaigns, referral letters and more.

Technical Support

  • One of the largest training and support departments in the industry. On-site training, toll-free support line, online support and update downloads, and more.


  • Each report has a unique criteria set that may include such items as customer status, service technician, route code, custom date ranges and many others. This flexibility allows you to drill down to the numbers you want to see in running a successful business. Service Assistant reporting also can be saved as report favorites to simplify the process, or exported into outside applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Mapping Assistant.


  • Interactive routing and scheduling program that is integrated throughout the Service Assistant. Specifics include: printable maps, driving directions, exclusive smart map technology, user defined routes and territories, USPS carrier route data and more.

List Services

  • Residential homeowners with lot sizes, update your cancels and estimate data with the correct name. Neighbor mailing, up-sell postcards and marketing letters with price.