Fecon BLACKHAWK Mulcher Head

Designed specifically as a knife tool mulcher

Blackhawk Mulcher Head For Knife Tools

Fecon’s BLACKHAWK knife-tool mulching head quickly and efficiently shreds standing vegetation and processes material on the ground.  It is ideal for skid steer and compact tracked loaders with hydraulic flows of 27 to 45gpm. Features include:

  • 30 knife tools
  • 76” cutting width. 
  • Optimized rotor can shred standing vegetation as well as process materials already on the ground.
  • More fuel efficiency due to channeling material through its cutting cycle.
  • Redesigned hydraulic lines for better flow through the mulcher, eliminating 90-degree bends, allowing for longer run times and service.
  • Fine-tuned to output of carrier.
  • Bolt-in wear parts
  • 5/16” thick HS steel cutting chamber with AR steel replaceable wear parts.
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