Eastman Industries

Portland, ME 04103

Company Overview

Eastman Industries manufactures the Hover Mower, a mower that floats on a cushion of air, no wheels.

Company Details
70 Ingersoll Drive
Portland, ME 04103
Phone:(207) 878-5353
Fax:(207) 878-9109

For over a decade, Eastman Industries has been manufacturing the Hover Mower, a mower that floats on a cushion of air, no wheels, allowing it to mow a wide variety of difficult terrain such as steep slopes and pond edges.

In 2002 Eastman introduced its first walk-behind commercial push mower. These mowers are built tough to meet the demanding needs of commercial lawncare professionals and are used by municipalities, rental outlets and landscape contractors. 

In spring of 2005 Eastman Industries acquired Ingersoll Equipment Company located in WI. Since 1962 Ingersoll has been manufacturing garden tractors and compact loader backhoes known for their durability and performance. In 2006 the company was moved to Eastman Industries’ manufacturing facility in Portland, ME. This acquisition allows Eastman the opportunity of providing a more complete range of walk-behind and ride-on mowers to its dealers and distributors.

In 2010 Eastman introduced its newest SPX 21” Commercial Walk-Behind.

Visit www.eastmanind.com and www.ingersolltractors.com for more information.

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