Belgard Hardscapes Donates Materials to Aimee’s Wing

Belgard Hardscapes helped convert a backyard into an outdoor oasis for Aimee Copeland, a young woman who soon will return home in a wheelchair after months of rehabilitation.

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Belgard Hardscapes helped convert a backyard into an outdoor oasis as part of “Aimee’s Wing,” a charitable event for Aimee Copeland, a young woman who soon will return home in a wheelchair after months of rehabilitation from a near-death bacterial infection contracted during a zipline fall.

Organized by Pulte Homes, the event included the building of a 1,956-square-foot home addition called “Aimee’s Wing” and a specially landscaped outdoor living space for the Georgia resident the country has come to know well through national news.

“We’ve all followed Aimee Copeland’s progress for months, and it’s been an incredible story of survival and willpower,” said Ken O’Neill, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Belgard Hardscapes, which donated wall stones and a fireplace for the outdoor space. “It’s really an honor to be part of this project and help create an outdoor space that reflects Aimee’s interests and her needs.”

Phoenix Landscape Group of Duluth, GA, donated their services to design and build the outdoor space that features an outdoor fireplace. They selected the Harmony Elements modular outdoor fireplace because it allowed them to complete the landscaping more quickly.

“We had a tight time constraint, and I remember seeing this ready-built fireplace at the Belgard Design Center,” said Phoenix Landscape Group’s Tim Mooney. “Belgard donated the Harmony fireplace and it literally was installed in a few hours—not the week or two it would take to custom build an outdoor fireplace. The fireplace is directly outside Aimee’s wing, so she can easily enjoy it.”

Phoenix also designed and built planters whose Belgard Weston Stone creates a beautiful structure that can serve as a flower or vegetable garden. Aimee gave input to Phoenix to design planters at a size that would allow her to transfer herself from her wheelchair to sit on the wall and work in the garden.

Copeland, the 24-year-old outdoor enthusiast who nearly died when she contracted necrotizing fasciitis infection after a fall from a zipline, returns home next week to see the new addition and outdoor living space. After the May 2012 accident, doctors offered little hope for her survival. But Aimee persevered, overcoming organ failure and the amputation of her leg, foot and both hands, then conquering doctors’ rehabilitation schedule for an earlier-than-expected release from the rehabilitation center.

The group of businesses, community volunteers and friends began renovations to the Copeland’s home in July, including the features and amenities that Aimee will need due to her prosthetics and wheelchair. Pulte Homes presented Aimee’s father with the key on August 15.

“It’s humbling to be part of something like this,” said Belgard vice president of Sales Billy Patterson, who was in Snellville, GA, when Pulte Homes gave the family the keys. “Your heart goes out to Aimee and her family. To see their appreciation, graciousness, and determination is really an inspiration and should provide an example for all of us to conquer any challenge we face. Our hope is that their new addition and outdoor living space will be a special place for Aimee to recover and for the family to heal together.”    

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