Allergies and Landscaping Don’t Mix

Sneezing leads to a landscape vehicle crash.

As reported by, a serious case of the sniffles lead to an accident in Woodstown, NJ. The accident took place on September 14 on Woodstown Road. A contractor from T.J. Lawns and Landscapes Inc. was driving a Mitsubishi truck loaded with mulch and a towing trailer loaded with landscaping equipment. When the driver sneezed, he lost control of his truck and left the roadway.

The truck traveled up an embankment and when the driver tried to regain control by steering left he reentered the roadway. The truck then crossed the road and crashed into a stone wall and the trailer took down a utility pole.

The crash left the contractors mulch and landscaping equipment strewn across the roadway. Woodstown Road had to be shut down for cleanup. The driver was not injured in the crash, but police issued him a motor vehicle summons for careless driving.