Root Snow Plows (Root Spring Scraper Company)

Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Company Overview

Pioneers in snow removal and road maintenance since 1891.

Company Details
527 W. North St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Toll Free:800-333-ROOT

Every Root product, whether underbody scraper, blade, or plow, is engineered and built with painstaking care. From the day in 1891 that we introduced our first product right up to the present, we’ve conscientiously made quality our crowning achievement. That’s why Root products thrive on the roughest, toughest work you can give them.

Throughout the Root line, there are consistently outstanding features:

  • Special heavy-duty high-carbon steel, all heat treated for brute strength and longer scraper life.
  • Cushioned-spring moldboards to absorb road shocks, save trucks from life-shortening jolts, wear and tear. Standard, no extra cost.
  • Heavy-duty 3/4 in. entirely welded steel circles, no castings.
  • Power reverse action available on five models.

With the Root product line, you’re assured of quality back-up service. Remember, it’s not the original cost. It’s the equipment’s durability and its service back-up that truly count.

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