Trecan Combustion

Hubley, Nova Scotia B3Z 1C2

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4049 St. Margaret's Bay Rd.
Hubley, Nova Scotia B3Z 1C2

The name Trecan was originally an acronym for “Thermal Research and Engineering Canada”. Trecan’s company history and origin is steeped in combustion technology and thermal efficiency. Trecan Combustion is a Canadian company that has been designing and manufacturing snowmelters for over 35 years and to date the company has delivered over 500 machines throughout the world. Trecan operates in United States, Canada and Russia. Trecan is the only snowmelter manufacturer that builds nine different models of portable snowmelters and more than ten models of stationary snowmelters. Trecan Snowmelters are the most thermally efficient snowmelters available (approximately 98% efficiency). This is due to the submerged combustion, direct contact method of heating. The submerged method transfers the energy from the combustion process to water and snow in the melting tank. With over 35 years of engineering, manufacturing and practical experience Trecan Snowmelters are the most proven, tried and tested Snowmelters available.

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