Matt Hudson

Matt Hudson, The Strategic Landscaper
Matt Hudson, The Strategic Landscaper
The Strategic Landscaper

Almost 20 years ago I started my first landscape company while in college studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia. I clearly remember not having a clue about how to launch, much less successfully run, a landscape company.

I remember wishing there was a resource or guide that could help me build my business correctly from the beginning. Something or someone who would shorten the learning curve and point me in the direction of success.

The internet was in its infancy and I was to stubborn to take a job and learn from someone else. I did it the hard way, my way.

Fast forward to today and information and resources for about any topic imaginable are plentiful online. Now we actually have a different problem, too much information that can be confusing or sometimes just wrong.

Strategic Landscaper is the collection of my almost two decades of experience owning & operating landscape companies combined with over three years of web development & internet marketing experience.

My goal is to help landscape professionals optimize their time and efforts by leveraging the information and technology of today to create a rewarding and profitable business that doesn’t own them. A business that creates balance, health and profits in harmony, as natural as an acorn develops into an oak tree.