LandOpt Licensee Exceeds $1 Million Annual Maintenance Base

LandOpt Licensee Exceeds $1 Million Annual Maintenance Base

LandOpt, a leader of on-demand business operating systems for the landscaping industry, announces that Miller Landscape of Orion, MI, has exceeded long-term maintenance base financial goals.

As a veteran member of the LandOpt network, Miller Landscape is focused on the LandOpt principle of achieving 50% of their business from recurring services and 50% from project services. Exceeding the $1 million annual maintenance base was a benchmark for the company. A growing maintenance base represents a company’s improvement in cash flow, sustainability and overall business value.

“The maintenance base is the pulse of the company and we’ve reached a point where we are not experiencing the traditional cash flow problems of a seasonally based landscape provider,” says Jeremy Miller, general manager of Miller Landscape. “LandOpt defined the parameters of a strong maintenance base, coached us on proactive sales to achieve it, and then provided us the tools to monitor it on a daily basis.”

Agreements begin at 12 months of service with guaranteed revenue. Proactive sales professionals are trained by LandOpt to seek and secure these long-term relationships with customers. Monitoring maintenance revenue is critical, as companies experience additions and subtractions on a regular basis.

“This was one of many milestones Miller Landscape reached as a Powered by LandOpt company,” says David Gallagher, LandOpt director of success. “Miller’s success is another indicator that LandOpt achieves results for our clients in any market condition.”

Miller Landscape has scratched the surface of sustainable success through recurring maintenance services. Beginning next year the company is increasing its goal. They can now predict how to grow the business in years to come, buy equipment and expand their staff.