Rain Bird Designated for Irrigation Training

Rain Bird Designated for Irrigation Training by U.S. Green Building Council.

Three Rain Bird Academy classes have been approved by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) Continuing Education (CE) hours. The approved classes are the Introduction to Irrigation and Installation, Irrigation Technician's Course and Landscape Irrigation Design Process.

These courses offer non-manufacturer-specific irrigation training, providing landscape professionals with expert instruction on the newest irrigation installation methods, efficient irrigation maintenance and troubleshooting as well as best practices in water-efficient irrigation design.

“This achievement is another example of how Rain Bird Services Corporation encourages professionalism and water efficiency within the irrigation industry,” said Ron Wolfarth, director of Rain Bird Services Corporation. “A team of third-party subject matter experts rigorously reviewed each course’s content and instructional design quality. As a result of their evaluations, the USGBC recognized these three courses as high-quality green building education.”

Rain Bird Services Corporation offers these three courses as part of a four-day Professional or Regional Irrigation Training Camp or on a stand-alone basis. Contractors completing these courses should be able to immediately start offering irrigation services to their customers. Full-time, professional instructors incorporate products from a variety of manufacturers into their training sessions, ensuring that students can handle any situation found in the field. Class sizes are limited, with most classes having no more than 20 students.

“Irrigation’s steep learning curve can lead to costly mistakes in the field and call-backs that quickly eat away at profits,” said Robert Pfeil, Rain Bird Services Corporation’s manager of training services. “Not only will these classes equip contractors with the necessary technical knowledge to avoid mistakes, but they’ll also give landscape professionals a foundation on which to expand their businesses through irrigation.”

Rain Bird Academy’s Professional and Regional Training Camps have helped a large number of irrigation and landscape contractors expand their skill sets and increase their marketability within the industry. To register for an event or to learn more about Rain Bird Academy training camps available throughout the United States and internationally, visit www.rainbirdservicescorporation.com/training or call 1-800-498-1942.