Expanding Dealer Network Helps Kioti Maintain Sales

Expanding Dealer Network Helps Kioti Maintain Sales

Kioti Tractor has looked for ways to continue to build their brand and maintain sales during a tough economy. Company officials say that a dedicated focus on expanding their dealer network has not only helped them survive, but has allowed them to increase market share.

According to Tony Brown, national sales manager for Kioti, “We’ve seen many of our competitors pull back on their presence in the marketplace in an attempt to ride out the storm. Some have merged with other tractor lines, some have gone out of business and others have just simply scaled back, decreasing their level of customer service. Kioti took the opposite approach. We’ve remained aggressive and sought out opportunities where these mergers and acquisitions have left experienced dealers feeling unsettled about the lines they represent.”

Some of the distinguished tractor dealerships Kioti has signed as part of their enhanced dealer recruitment efforts are: Miller Tractor & Equipment, Inc. of Anderson, Californi;, Lamb & Webster of Grove City, Pennsylvania; Milliken Farm Supplies of Taber, Alberta, Canada; Rathell Farm Equipment of Cordova, Maryland; Hess Farm Equipment Inc. of Canton, Pennsylvania; and Coastal Plains of Corpus Christi, Texas.

The continued expansion of Kioti’s dealer network has allowed them to maintain a high level of sales throughout the past few years, while at the same time increasing their brand awareness. “We’ve successfully filled in some previously open territories in which we’ve been looking to establish a quality, experienced dealer for many years,” states Brown.