244K and 324K Wheel Loaders

John Deere's line of heavy lifting set of compact wheel loaders, 244K and 324K, are designed for a tight turning with low to high speeds.

244K Compact Wheel Loader
John Deere Construction
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John Deere created a heavy-lifting set of compact wheel loaders, the 244K and 324K, designed to fit the need for a tight-turning wheel loader with low to high speeds. The 244K (64 hp/48kW) and 324K (70 hp/52 kW) both feature a transverse-mounted engine that makes for quick and convenient daily service, which keeps operating costs at a minimum all while maximizing uptime. Eachc loader can also be fitted with more than 35 available Worksite Pro attachments.
Other key features include:

  • Final Tier 4 diesel engine with a two-speed transmission, with top speeds of 19 mph and 17 mph, respectively
  • Productivity-boosting features include tilt-steering, multi-adjustable suspension seat, electronic monitor and convex mirrors
  • Oscillating stereo steering system for a smooth turning radius that is 20% tighter than comparable loaders, John Deere assures
  • Differential lock is activated through push-button on the joystick
  • Manual low-speed differential lock
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