SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: Avant Tecno Grows U.S. Presence

The Avant Tecno articulated multi functional compact loaders are growing in popularity in the U.S as the brand's equipment dealer network expands.

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Avant Tecno Oy was established in 1991 and manufactures articulated multi functional compact loaders. The loaders are used in landscaping, nursery work, construction, municipal work, agriculture and more. Their ease-of-use and the numerous available attachments have helped the product popularity to grow as the company expands their presence with Avant Tecno USA.

A versatile product

The Avant Tecno product is a unique, multi-functional compact loader with many attachment options. Because of the size, weight, maneuverability and versatility of the units, they can be used in various industry segments. Grundy says that for many applications, the Avant Tecno products can be used in place of a skid steer, compact tractor, fork lift, or even a self-propelled mower. (Read about the Avant Tecno USA Collecting Lawnmower 1200 here.)

"The use of the Avant multi functional loaders is expanding all the time, and the number of different attachments available exceeds 100," says Bill Grundy, Avant Tecno USA national sales manager. "That's what makes them so multi functional."

The product and its attachments fill the gap between small walk-behind or stand-on machines with limited capacity, and larger machines that are not suitable for residential use. The Avant Tecno machines (take a peek at the Avant Tecno USA 420 loader) have a high lift capacity but maintain a low weight that when paired with rubber tires, is easy on the turf.

The ease-to-operate machines feature steering-wheel operation and are a good fit for the rental market. Grundy says they hold their value well thanks to their basic and reliable construction.  

"In many cases they are easier to operate than a skid steer," explains Grundy. "With the skid steer you enter from the front, and you have to climb over the attachment or implement. With the Avant machine we enter from the side like your car."

Growing equipment dealer network

The company has grown rapidly and export sales have always been an important focus. Their products are manufactured in Ylojarvi, Finland, and currently sold in over 43 countries. Avant Tecno USA was established in 2012 in Elk Grove Village, IL, to develop the U.S. market presence by growing brand awareness and establishing a dealer work.

"My primary duty right now is to get a fully functional nationwide equipment dealer organization established," says Grundy. "We just started here in 2012, so we are not even here a year and I think we have attracted very quality dealers."

Avant is looking to build a nationwide network of 350 equipment dealers. In developing their dealer network, they will be careful to not overcrowd territories.

"I don't want them too close to each other. There are so many manufacturers out there who have put so many dealers close together. They are complaining that they can't make any money," explains Grundy. "We don't want to get that reputation with our dealers."

In expanding their U.S. presence, Grundy is meeting with equipment dealers and listening to their business plans and how they feel Avant will help them to grow. He insists equipment demos are necessary to sell the product, and is looking for equipment dealers who have outside sales staff and can aggressively sell and properly service equipment.

Equipment dealer support

In growing their equipment dealer network and building a U.S. presence, Avant Tecno USA has been dedicated to providing dealers with the support they have come to expect from large, more-established manufacturers. They are attracting dealers and end users with not only the versatile product, but product and brand support.

"Even though we are new, we have to function just like well-established organizations—that is the expectation that dealers and customers have," explains Grundy. "If you want to be successful in North America, you have act and function like companies that have been around 100 years or more from day one. If you look back at any products or manufacturers that were unsuccessful here in the U.S., it was that they came in and built an inadequate dealer presence and didn't service it properly in all its facets."

Avant Tecno offers product education and sales training, equipment service training, floor plan financing and advertising support through co-op dollars. While they are getting many inquiries from end users who have seen their product at the industry tradeshows like GIE+EXPO (Watch and Avant product demo at GIE+EXPO 2012), they haven't begun marketing to them directly. Their marketing efforts will grow alongside their equipment dealer network.

"When they have skin in the game, and we have skin in the game, and it really means something, we will drive awareness to them specifically," explains Grundy. "They are the ones who are going to sell the message properly."