Homeowners Sue Landscapers for Defective, Uncompleted Work

Allegedly not performing to irrigation industry standards, not finishing stump removal or retaining wall construction.

As reported at louisianarecord.com, a Gretna, LA, couple is suing an area landscape company for breach of contract, fraud and false advertising, among other charges. The couple says it entered into a contract with the company, which was to provide irrigation, labor, materials and other services. The couple says the company delivered, but not in accordance with industry standards.

The landscape company’s website states that it is a state-licensed horticulturalist, arborist and landscape contractor. The company owner has an associate’s degree in horticulture, and is an Iraq war combat veteran.

Up in Pennsylvania, according to a story at mcall.com, a homeowner is having some problems of his own with a local landscaping company. The homeowner says the company installed some landscape beds as part of a project, but did not complete a hardscape walkway or remove some tree stumps. According to the story, the landscape company owner said he needed to find someone (i.e. subcontractor) to remove the tree stumps. The company’s website does state that it offers tree care services, including stump grinding. Additionally, while there aren’t too many missing pavers from the walkway, the homeowner says the walkway in general is not level.

No lawsuit has been filed thus far, as the homeowner has diligently worked with the landscape company to resolve the issues.

Others have reportedly taken this landscape company to court, though. One group of neighbors has sued, in small claims court, over a retaining wall that was to be built across their adjoining properties. They say the landscape company never installed the wall, but took deposits at the onset of the project. The contractor says he did some property prep and had the materials delivered to the jobsite, but the local government would not allow him to proceed with the installation. The local government says the contractor has simply failed to submit the proper paperwork.

This landscape company does have an F rating with the BBB, having fielded seven complaints, five of which have gone unanswered.

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