GIE+EXPO Showcases New Products and Current Trends in Technology & Equipment

More than 80 new products to be unveiled at GIE+EXPO in Louisville Oct. 16-18

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Industry members who want to stay on the cutting edge will find new products and technology trends at the forefront when they attend GIE+EXPO. The annual trade show is set for October 16-18 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

The New Product Spotlight will feature more than 80 new products from 61 companies. In order to qualify for the spotlight, products have been introduced within the past year, and some will have their unveiling during the show. In addition, new products will be introduced during more than 20 press conferences scheduled during the three-day show. Attendees can find details about all exhibitors and products/technology on display with the Go EXPO mobile app sponsored by Turf Mutt.

Free Seminar on Finding Balance with Today’s Technology

In addition, a free technology seminar has been added to the education lineup on Thursday, October 17, 4-5:30PM.  Avoiding the Temptation of Enabling our Robotic Overlords, presented by Anthony Gondick, IT Business Strategy Manager – Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Engines Division, will review current trends in IT related to: Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning, the growth of mobile technology and the amount of information being collected by the “Internet of Things.” Through humor, social media and pop culture references, he will look at whether the world is adopting a responsible approach to using these technologies or simply giving up too much decision making to our robotic overlords. This session is sponsored by the Professional Grounds Management Society.

Company                                       Product Name                              Booth Number

Accelerated Systems Inc.         Cedar Motor                                                9043

Altec Industries             STG Series Trucks                                                   4004

Arborjet/Ecologel                      TREE-äge R10                                              264

ARI Network Services                PartSmart                                                    20185

AriensCo                                        Atlas JSV 3400 SD                                    7120

AriensCo                                       Pro-Turn Mach 10                                      7120

AriensCo                                        Pro-Stance                                                 7120

ASV Holdings, Inc.                      VT-70 High Output                                      2202

Bahco Pruning Tools   Bahco Chopping & Splitting Axes                           8233

Bradley Mowers           61″ Bradley Stand-on Mower                                   27090

Branson Tractors          2505h Branson Tractor                                           2210

Brilliance                                       Glacier                                                         29016

Broadway Sod Farms Inc.         Multi-Use Power Bucket                           9204

Chief Enterprises, Inc.               Mini BRIC                                                     358

Combined MFG EZ-Pour           EZ-Pour Rigid                                             369

Delta-Q              Delta-Q Technologies’ Stackable Charging System        10024

Dust Tech LLC                               Dust Tiger                                                 28006

EasyPro Pond Products             Cabrio Compact Stainless Steel Color Changing LED Light      26011

Echo Incorporated                     SRM-2320 T                                                5112

Echo Incorporated                     EGI-2300                                                      5112

Echo Incorporated                     TM-2000 Turf Mower                                 5112

Echo Incorporated                     PW-3600                                                      5112

Echo Incorporated                     EGI-4000                                                      5112

Echo Incorporated                     PW-3100                                                      5112                                  Seating Options                                        8042

FINN Corporation                       MBX Material Blower                             9104 & 7700D

FINN Corporation                       Titan HydroSeeder                                   9104 & 7700D

Flambeau Fluid Systems           2.25 INCH TWIST GRIP™ MULTI-PURPOSE THREADED CAP        10025

Flambeau Fluid Systems           4-Gallon Express Service Fuel Tank              10025

Foamstream: Herbicide-Free Weed Control  Foamstream L12              11205 & 6226D

FX Luminaire                                HP-48 In-Grade Paver Light     24056

Goizper Spraying North America         Matabi Evolution 15 LTC (4 gal) Battery-Operated Backpack Sprayer                                                                                         23108

GT General Transmissions                     ME 512 Generation 2                10104

Hannay Reels, Inc.                      Spray Non-Corrosive (SNC) Series Reels              3040

Hillside Planter                            Hillside Planter                                          21085

Honda Engines                            iGX V-Twin                                                  3118

Honda Power Equipment        Honda HRN Series Lawn Mowers              6046-D

Hunter Industries                       EZ Decoder System                                  24056

Husqvarna Professional Products        Automower® 435X AWD & 535 AWD    11094

Husqvarna Professional Products        550iBTX                                         9094

Husqvarna Professional Products        520iHT4                                         9094

Husqvarna Professional Products        325iLK                                            9094

Husqvarna Professional Products        Z400/Z400X                                  9094

Husqvarna Professional Products        K 535i                                             9094

Intradin (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd           3 IN 1 Woodchipper Shredder           580

K-Rain Manufacturing Corp.                 RPS Select                                     26085

Kinetix                                                           Extreme Duty Bar & Chain Lubricant          23102

Kinetix                                                           Mechanics-Grade Nitrile Gloves              23102

King Innovation                                         Pipe Cutters with PTFE coated steel blades     260

Left Hand Robotics                                   RT-1000             368

Mean Green Mowers                               RIVAL – 52/60                              11080

Nexcel                                            Plug & Play Oil System                            21090

Nufarm Americas Inc.               Cheetah Pro                                                22110

Ohio Steel Industries                 Steel Welded ATV Cart                             8220

Pine Hall Brick                             PaverTiles                                                   29042

Pressure-Pro, Inc.                       Dirt Laser SH40004HH                             25078

Prime Source                                X-Out                                                            575

Prime Source                                Triad QC Select                                          575

Pro-Tech Sno Pushers               Fusion Edge Sno Pusher                         29091

Rogue Snow                                  Maverick                                                      30046

RotoShovel                                   RotoShovel                                                 26104

Savannah Surfaces Wholesale              Old World Tabby Coral Paver              27005

Scenic Road Manufacturing    8 Cube Dual Wheel Wheelbarrpow w/Flat Free Turf Tires 28079

Scepter                                           Scepter SmartControl

Schiller Grounds Care, Inc        BOB-CAT QuickCat 4000 Kaw FT730 EFI 61in Side Discharge       3052

Schiller Grounds Care, Inc        BOB-CAT Predator-Pro 7000 B&S Vanguard EFI 61in Side Discharge   3052

Solo Incorporated                      424-Li 4 Gallon Battery Backpack Sprayer, Lithium ion    22082

Spyker Spreaders                       Spyker ROS 5 Ride-On Spreader              3126

Steel Green Manufacturing    SG52 Zero-Turn Sprayer-Spreader              9208

Steel Green Manufacturing    SG36 Zero-Turn Sprayer-Spreader              9208

Stens                                               Franzen BS1000 Belt Sharpener              9075

Super Lawn Technologies        Automatic Hiring Machine                    5210

Super Lawn Truck, Inc.              Debris Dumper with Easy Flip Top Hinged Lid        5210

Super Lawn Truck, Inc.              Solar Lawn Truck                                      5210

Switch-N-Go                                 Winter Edition Subframe                       10218

The Toro Company                    Toro 22″ 60V Recycler Cordless Personal Pace Mower     7148

Umount, Brought to you by Tacony Corporation       Umount              4009

Ventrac             Ventrac Wide Area Mower                                   3112

Wright               Stander® B                                                                3094