2024 State of the Industry Recap

Green Industry Pros Editor Sarah Webb provides insight into the 2024 State of the Industry report and discusses what's trending for the coming year.

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In putting together the 2024 State of the Industry, I didn't expect to find 24 distinct items on which to report. At first, the idea of distinguishing 24 items to know for 2024 seemed to be a catchy headline, and nothing more. 

However, as I went through my notes from nearly a dozen interviews, I realized the report would encompass much more than just a few items. 

I knew labor would be a big topic (as it has been for the last several years), as would recent price hikes and the impending presidential election, but in fact, landscape professionals had a lot to say about interest rates, weather patterns, technology, private equity and much more. 

After writing and reflecting on the interviews and comments about the current state of the industry, I decided that it deserved more attention. 

That's why this year, for the first time, the online article will be presented as a State of the Industry package, complete with a podcast discussion (coming in late February 2024), an analysis of trends and challenges and individual Q+As with industry experts. 

Below, you will find a guide to this year's State of the Industry:

With that, here's to a prosperous 2024. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for our industry.