National Hispanic Landscape Alliance Debuts in D.C.

National Hispanic Landscape Alliance Debuts in D.C.

On March 10, the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA) closed its two-day inaugural conference in Washington, D.C. At the conference, the founding members of the alliance elected a board and set the agenda for the remainder of the year.

The founding members of the NHLA represent many of the largest U.S. Hispanic-owned landscaping companies and landscaping companies with Hispanics in key senior management positions, and they come from all areas of the country.

“For decades, the landscaping industry has provided the opportunity for many Hispanics to build successful businesses within the United States,” stated Ralph Egues, executive director of the NHLA. “But the untold story is how many of these individuals have become leaders in the landscape industry.”

The NHLA will closely monitor issues that impact the landscaping industry and will advocate individually and in collaboration with other industry and Hispanic associations. With and on behalf of its members, the NHLA will engage government at both federal and state levels in support of positions adopted by the NHLA Board of Directors.

In addition, the NHLA will support policy positions that advance conditions favorable to a robust business environment for its members, growth opportunities for Hispanics within the industry, and positions that further enhance and protect managed turf and landscapes, and safeguard the industry against undue regulation.

At the inaugural meeting, the founding members elected Jesus “Chuy” Medrano to serve as the first president of NHLA. Medrano is the owner of CoCal Landscape, one of the three largest Hispanic-owned landscape contracting companies in the U.S.

“I am honored to serve as the first president of the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance. I am up to the challenge because a large and growing number of Hispanics make a living by working in the landscape industry, said Medrano. “Our goal is to educate and inform the American public and policy makers about the value of the landscape industry and affects of undue regulation.”

The founding members also elected Raul Berrios of Ruly Scapes as president-elect; Veronica de Hoyos of Lawn Management Company as secretary, and Mark Dominguez of The Landscape Partners as treasurer.

The Alliance also committed itself to support policies that promote the importance of managed landscapes in addressing clean water ambitions, efficient water utilization, appropriate input use, and human health. The group will also work to expand managed greenspace, address adequate worker availability, and drive proper skill set development at all levels.

Throughout the year, the NHLA will hold meetings across the country to recruit new members, gather input from industry peers and learn about the critical issues in local communities.

National Hispanic Landscape Alliance Founding Members:

CoCal Landscape – Located in Denver, CO

Diaz Group LLC – Located in Chicago, IL

Green Angels Landscaping – Located in Columbia, MD

Greener Pastures – Located in Dallas, TX

Lawn Management Company – Located in Houston, TX

Medina Lawncare – Located in Chicago, IL

Pacific Landscape Management – Located in Hillsboro, OR

Pro Landscapes – Located in Hillsboro, OR

Ruly Scapes – Located in Centerville, VA

About NHLA The National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA) monitors issues that impact the landscaping industry, advocates on behalf of the industry, and engages government at all levels in support of landscape industry issues.