GIE+EXPO: Season-long Fertilizer Helps Cut Labor Costs

California-based Gachina Landscape Management says that using Spread it & Forget it on more than 300 commercial sites has helped it save 2,000 labor hours in one growing season.

Gachina Landscape Management, a full-service landscape management company based in Menlo Park, CA, uses Spread it & Forget it on more than 300 commercial sites and saves 2,000 labor hours per growing season. Spread it & Forget it season-long fertilizer is formulated to effectively feed lawns and professional turf for six months or more with just one application.

Ideal for Commercial Sites. Servicing commercial customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, including office parks, HOA communities, retail complexes, apartments and municipalities, Gachina Landscape Management has reduced the frequency of its fertilizer applications by more than 50 percent by using Spread it & Forget it.

“I used to put fertilizer down four or five times per year. Now, with Spread it & Forget it, I’m applying fertilizer only twice and I get turf that stays green and lush for the entire season,” said Clifton Randolph, south bay branch manager, Gachina Landscape Management. “That’s saved me a total of 4,000 hours of labor in the past two years, which is great for my bottom line.”

Gachina Landscape Management first used Spread it & Forget it on a two-acre site in 2009 as part of a product trial program. The success of Spread it & Forget it at that site drove Randolph to recommend the product for more than 300 customer sites, ranging in size from one acre to 30 acres, that are serviced by Gachina Landscape Management’s south bay branch.

Environmental Impact. As a landscape company in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gachina Landscape Management is also particularly concerned about the environmental impact of fertilizers. Its customers appreciate the environmental benefits that Spread it & Forget it provides.

How It Works. Spread it & Forget it utilizes advanced-generation polymer coating technology to gradually release nutrients as plants need them, which protects the environment against nitrogen loss and enables up to 40 percent less total nitrogen to be applied per year. By releasing nutrients steadily over time, Spread it & Forget it minimizes potential nutrient losses to the environment, atmosphere and groundwater. Because the nutrient release is activated by temperature, it isn’t affected by rainfall or irrigation so turf professionals avoid growth flushes and nitrogen runoff from excessive moisture.

“With Spread it & Forget it, I’m able to put down less product and less total nitrogen each year,” added Randolph. “And, Spread it & Forget it stays in place. It doesn’t dissipate and run into the San Francisco Bay—that’s important to me and to my customers.”

Each Spread it & Forget it blend is formulated with 90 percent or more of its nitrogen from DURATION CR controlled-release fertilizer and up to 10 percent from a quickly available nitrogen source for immediate greening. Spread it & Forget it products are available with and without pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass control for added convenience and efficiency.

“Spread it & Forget it addresses the many agronomic, economic and environmental challenges that turf professionals face,” said Bryan Gooch, product marketing manager, Agrium Advanced Technologies. “It allows them to spread fertilizer once, instead of multiple times, keeps turf green and healthy for a full growing season and saves them time and money throughout the season.”

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