GIE+EXPO: Caterpillar Rolls Out New Loaders and Mini Excavators

GIE+EXPO: Caterpillar Rolls Out New Loaders and Mini Excavators

Caterpillar announced that it is introducing several new series of skid-steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders, compact track loaders and mini excavators that deliver increased torque, horsepower, fuel efficiency and stability. The announcement was made at a media event on the eve of GIE+EXPO 2010 on October 27 in Louisville, KY.


The new Caterpillar MHE D Series, offered in four models, has been designed to increase stability through increased size (over the C Series) and an integrated counterweight.

Also, a new pin grabber coupler, offered in both mechanical and hydraulic options, enhance safety as operators don’t have to leave the machine. Plus, a secondary locking device is located on the coupler (no loose parts).


The B3 Series is offered in four SSL models and two MTL models. The goal of the new lineup is to deliver industry-leading performance in the mid-range of the product line.

The 242B3 and 257B3 are repowered with a C3.4T engine, increasing horsepower by 25% and peak torque by 28%. Hydraulic flow has been increased by more than 40% from 15.6 gpm to 22 gpm. This allows contractors to increase productivity when using hydro mechanical tools.

Breakout forces have also been increased on the 242B3 and 257B3, as has speed. A two speed option is a key requirement in many applications such as snow removal, and load and carry.


The 259B3 CTL features many of the same features as previous models—including horsepower (71 net), breakout forces and auxiliary flows—while also featuring a narrower, 66-inch width requirement. The unit is also lighter and easier to transport, and is ideal for tighter applications.

A large, 59” footprint enhances traction.

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