Hustler Helps Kansas Town Go Green

Donation of Hustler Zeon zero-turn riding mower by Excel Industries helps Greensburg, Kansas, continue on its path to green building and sustainable living.

Excel Industries Inc. has donated a Hustler ZEON to the Greensburg, KS, organization GreenTown. According to Daniel Wallach, executive director and founder of Greensburg Greentown, the donation is a great boost.

“We are all about showing visitors the options available for building as well as home and yard maintenance that have a minimal impact on the natural environment while raising our energy independence,” said Wallach. “Greensburg GreenTown is very excited to have the state of the art technology that the Hustler ZEON represents. Being America’s model green community, we are delighted to be able to showcase this high power, low impact way to maintain lawns. The machine is amazingly quiet, yet as powerful as its gas counterparts.” We are very grateful to Excel Industries for supporting the rebuilding of Greensburg and our efforts to be a showcase for sustainable building and green living.”

“Teaming up with Greensburg GreenTown gave us the tremendous opportunity to showcase a great product while helping out a great cause,” added Andrew Braun, marketing manager for Excel.

Greensburg GreenTown is a charitable organization working to rebuild the town following the devastating May 2007 tornado. The town is reinventing itself as a model for sustainable building and green living and is now recognized around the world. GreenTown’s mission is to make green building and living easily understood, appealing, and accessible to all. GreenTown plans to maintain the Silo Eco-Home property with the ZEON, as well as several other lots that are sites for future eco-homes. Students from Kansas State University Department of Architecture designed many of the affordable and sustainable eco-homes.

The result of ground breaking innovation, the earth-friendly Hustler ZEON is the world’s first all-electric zero-turn mower. The ZEON features nearly zero maintenance with no belts, filters, fluids, pulleys or plugs and is very inexpensive to operate. The welded steel deck guarantees the outstanding quality Hustler is known for. One charge is good for up to 80 minutes of mowing time – enough to mow over one acre. Just plug in to recharge.